This week has seemed like a week that only “primal scream therapy” and a good cry could help.  I had this ranting post in my head last night, waiting for a time when I could get it down on the computer.  As I waited, I tuned into ABC’s Michael J Fox special about optimism.  After watching that, I no longer felt like I could complain about my life.  I would not consider myself an optimist.  As much as I try to find the good in everything, it takes me awhile sometimes.  I’m much better at seeing the potential pitfalls in situations.  Which I guess isn’t that bad, because if I can view those problems ahead of time, I can sometimes take preventative measures to keep them from happening (or being as bad as they could have been).  I wish I would have more of an optimistic spirit — to see my “grass as green” and my “cup as half-full.”  I’m hoping that I can “redeem” my week by not becoming so frustrated with every little thing that goes “wrong” for the next two days.  Perhaps that would help me feel physically better, too…  🙂