Wow!  Where did the five years go?  I can hardly believe that it has been five years already since Christian was born (although, some days, it feels like it has been SO much longer than five years).  What a journey!

It has been an adventure right from the start.  After 20+ hours of labor, a c-section was ordered because of many complications that were happening with the labor.  Christian still hadn’t dropped.  Heart rates and blood pressures were all over the place.  You know something’s not quite right when all of the high-risk OBs end up in your birthing room.  (If you’re more curious about our labor/delivery story, you can read it here.)  Anyway, a c-section delivered a healthy, large, baby boy.  He was a fighter — right from the beginning.  And good thing, as we had no idea of the challenges that he has, was, and will face in his life.  I am incredibly proud of him!  More so than my words can even express.  I am in awe of him.  Inspired by him.  He is my teacher as I have learned more from him in the last five years than I think I learned in my entire life.  His smile and laugh are contagious.  He is just … I don’t know, beyond words.  Brilliant.  I would love to live for a day in his brain to just see the world as he does, as he tends to see beauty in things that I overlook in my everyday life.  More than anything, though, I just love him…

Happy 5th Birthday, Christian!  I love you, buddy!!!