Ever since Christian put on his party hat Sunday morning he has been wearing one whenever we are at home.  Thankfully I have been able to convince him NOT to wear it out of the house (like to church or school).  I gave him a cupcake for dessert last night after supper.  He had to straighten out his party hat, have a candle on his cupcake (and lit), sing the “Happy Birthday” song, and blow out the candle before he would even think about eating it!  He’s so funny.  He fell asleep with the hat on last night (so I removed it).  He searched for it upon waking and required it back on immediately.  It was also the first thing he wanted when we got home from school today.  I love him!  🙂

Here's the party hat in high demand!

Here's the party hat in high demand! (Do you like the added "water wings"?)