April is a busy birthday month in our home.  Olivia’s birthday, Grandpa (my dad), Uncle K, Grandma (Brian’s mom), my sister-in-law C — who is also pregnant and ready to “pop” at any minute, and Christian… lots of celebrating.  We look forward to celebrating at my in-law’s tonight as they invited us for supper.  We are having a big birthday party for the kids here on Sunday.  (We try to invite our families to get together somewhere in the middle of the month to celebrate since Olivia’s birthday is at the start of the month and Christian’s at the end.)  We are hoping for good weather, so we can take advantage of the yard, but regardless, it should be fun.  Also waiting for our niece to make her arrival into the world at any time.  (Oh, and my other two siblings are also pregnant and expecting this year!  Crazy fun!!!)  So, anyway, happy birthday to all of you April birthday babies!!!  😉