I can hardly believe that Olivia turns three today.  Time really has flown by!  I remember, before she was born, hoping and praying that she wouldn’t come before her scheduled c-section date.  Thankfully, she didn’t — making our lives much easier with Grandma there to help take care of Christian.  Born in Florida, just before 7 in the morning.  They even let us take pictures with her before they whisked her (and Brian) away so that I could be sown back up.  I remember not sleeping a wink at the hospital.  I know everyone told me I should, and I wanted to, but just COULDN’T.  I’d be awake all night looking out the windows, waiting for the nurses to bring Olivia back from the nursery.  The second night we were there the nurses must have not been very busy because one of them stayed and chatted with me for a few hours in the wee-hours of the morning.  I was really to go home as soon as they would let me because I just absolutely couldn’t sleep.  After two nights in the hospital, they let us go home on a warm, sunny day.  I was a little emotional from not sleeping for a few days and just glad to be back at our apartment.  Olivia and I slept on the couch the next few weeks because of my incision and Olivia needing to eat every 1-1/2 hours.  (She was a spitter like Christian had been — spitting up half of what she ate.   We used receiving blankets for burp clothes and went through a number of those a day.)  Christian was pretty mad at me the first couple of weeks that Olivia was home because I had left him to go to the hospital.  Thank goodness for Grandma being there — she was a lifesaver!!!  I can’t imagine what it would have been like without her!

Here we are, three years later.  Wow!  Olivia has gotten so BIG!  She talks so well.  She’s a girly, girl who LOVES to match her outfits to her shoes and purses.  (I don’t know where she gets that from.  I have always been the biggest tomboy!!!)  She loves to swim in the bathtub with her “babe-ing suit” on.  She loves to draw and color and make her lists before we go to the store.  She loves to dance, and play the piano while singing at the top of her voice.  She loves “my friend, Christian.”  (And hearing her say that warm my heart everytime.)  I think the two of us are definitely going to have our “power-struggles” over the years to come (as they have been happening a LOT this week already), but I hope that she will always know just how much I love her and that I want what is best for her even if she doesn’t see it that way…

…so anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLIVIA.  I love you, baby girl!  (to which she would correct me and say, “I only a O-we-a!”)  🙂