Have you ever looked at old pictures of yourself and wonder what happened to that person?  I had that experience yesterday when we were putting pictures of baby Christian into photo albums.  There are tons of pictures – so cute.  I was just stunned, though, of myself in these pictures – I actually looked rested.  That’s right, RESTED!  I was just staring at those pictures and trying to remember what it actually felt like to be rested on a regular basis.  (Not that Christian was sleeping through the night at that time either, but I was only contending with one child waking instead of two.  Apparently that makes all the difference!)  I honestly don’t remember what rested feels like anymore.  I have no concept of what that means, but I imagine that it must be wonderful!!!  I’m looking forward to that day again when I feel rested and look rested like my former self on those pictures.  🙂