I had a surprised today when Brian announced at lunch that he and his dad were bringing over the piano this afternoon.  My in-laws have talked about giving us their piano for awhile, but I had honestly forgot about it.  I am horribly rusty having played very little piano in the last six years.  I’m hoping that I can work a little of that rust out and be able to play some of my favorites again.  Until then, kids are having a blast plunking on the keys and singing at the top of their lungs!  🙂

While mentioning musical things, I have to say that I am lovingMercyMe’s song “Finally Home.”  It is beautiful and so peaceful.  Talk about a stress-buster!

We finally made the plunge and ordered our gardening and landscaping items from the catalog today.  I’m so excitedfor warmer weather and being outside and working in the garden and just having the sun beat on my skin.  Unfortunately, just thinking about that has made me realize how cold I am right now.  I actually have a chill.  Brrr…