This is the third time that I have attempted to make supper tonight.  The first two times were interrupted by my lovely boy deciding to take a dump in his room.  Ack!  And mid-clean-up my favorite spot cleaner decided to stop working.  Double ack!  I don’t know whether I should have a smoke (wait, I don’t smoke), have a drink (wait, I can’t do that on my current meds), have a really good cry (nothing preventing that!), or seek some time out once my hubby gets home today.  (Maybe a combination of the last two!!!)  To top that off, Olivia chucked all over the place five minutes into my niece’s visit this afternoon.  (Yeah, more phlegm issues.  When is that going away?!?)  My niece was super bored waiting for Christian’s bus to get here (it was running late because of a sub-driver today), so she was complaining that there was nothing fun to do because we couldn’t go downstairs.  Sigh.  Can I re-do this afternoon?  I mean, really, is that too much to ask???