This has been flying around Facebook lately.  I decided to post a tweaked version here so you could get to know me a little better…

1. I wish I had the memory that I once had, especially for people’s names and details.  That ability flew out the window with my first pregnancy.  I was hoping that I would get it back.  It has yet to return…

2. I used to be a fabulous story-spinner.  I could take an ordinary event and turn it into something totally spectacular or awfully disastrous.  This skill was lost along the way somewhere.  I would love to have it return because…

3. …if I could put a coherent thought together, I would love to write a book.  I’m not sure what it would be about, but I imagine a best-seller. 🙂

4. I can never have enough patience and/or wisdom.

5. I wish that I could take my son’s struggles and solve them for him (or at least make them easier).

6. I wish I knew (for sure) that I am doing enough and not missing a major step that could help tremendously.

7. I wish the terrible two’s would move along. We never really went through that with Christian and I think Olivia is making up for it with a double dose of stubbornness.  Sigh.  Refer back to #4 as to why I sigh.

8. I would absolutely LOVE to kick my caffeine habit.  For some reason (ha ha), I haven’t quite been able to conquer that yet.  Caffeine of choice would be speciality coffee drinks, but I will settle for Dr. Pepper or regular coffee because it’s cheaper.

9. I would like to know what it’s like to have a full six-hours of uninterrupted sleep again.   I do tend to sleep with one ear open, which never really helps even if the kids are sleeping better…

10. I can’t wait to attempt a garden this summer and show that kids that veggies/fruits don’t magically just appear at the grocery store.

11. I LOVE the idea of having our very own fenced in yard this spring!  I can’t wait to get out there and run and not have to worry about whether one of the kids will end up in the street or down the road “visiting” the neighbors.

12.  Driving has always been therapeutic to me (even with screaming kids in the backseat).  I’m so glad that gas prices are down right now – at least this therapy isn’t costing as much anymore!

13.  If money were not an issue, I would run out to get ballroom dancing lessons by a professional instructor (with my husband, so that I could actually do those dances then with someone).

14. I love to paint (artwork).

15.  I wish that I was not so shy.  I would love to have the ability to just strike up a conversation with anyone, especially to share my faith with a stranger.

16. I don’t enjoy enjoy the late afternoon anymore.  Olivia has given up naps (most days) and she gets overly sensitive and crabby, while Christian is just getting home from school and is incredibly loud (because he is excited to be home).  They usually end up fighting and beating the snot out of each other because someone is bugging someone else and then they start crying and then more hitting and more crying and …sigh… it’s just not my favorite part of the day anymore…

17. I really miss the winter in Florida and my twice daily walks with the kids outside.

18. I like having Wisconsin’s beautiful fall colors back.

19. It’s fun to have wildlife walk through our yard (turkey and deer), which makes me glad to be living in the “country”.  But having been born a “city girl” and living in some very big cities in my life, I’m also happy to only be living two miles from town and enjoy being able to see the “city lights” in the distance at night.

20. My hair is really turning gray quickly. Sigh.

21. I don’t know how to can, but am hoping to learn.  I love the smell of venison cooking.  Yum…

22. I still think my husband is HOT!

23. I used to want to learn to play rugby. (Maybe not so much anymore…)

24. I get very frustrated that I can’t keep up with the housecleaning.

25. My favorite Bible verse is still – “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” (Matt. 7:25)