That’s right.  This post is about poo.  So those of you sensitive to this subject may want to skip this post.

We’ve had two “out of place” poos this week.  One in the bath.  One on the bedroom floor.  Personally, if a poo has to be out of place, I would prefer the bath.  It’s gross when it’s soggy, but it’s contained and much easier to clean up.  The bedroom poo always ends up “melting” into the carpet and I’m always concerned that I missed a pile that will come back to haunt us later.  (Yikes!)  I know that this “out-of-place-ness” was most likely happening because of some constipation issues (which are now hopefully resolved).  I hope that we can keep things moving on schedule this week for then the poos seem to end up in the right spot more often.

For some reason, every time I have to clean a situation like this now I just think about God scrubbing out my most vile sins with the blood of Jesus.  This picture seems to relieve my frustration and be all the more thankful for the overflowing love of my God.