That’s right.  I worked my magic while Olivia napped today and Christian was at school.  The Christmas decorations magically disappeared.  I don’t know what makes me so itchy to get them down once the New Year rolls in, but I knew it had to happen while the kids were NOT present.  Olivia cried and cried when she realized that the Christmas tree was gone.  It took a bit of attempting to explain, but she finally seemed to get it (at least a little bit).  Christian seemed unfazed when he got home from school.  Just happy to have some extra space to run, maybe.  Perhaps he will notice more in the morning as he always said, “Christmas tree! :)” as I plugged in the lights every day.  We’ll see.  I’m just happy to get one more project off my never-ending list of things to accomplish!


In other family news, I became an auntie again early this morning.  My sister-in-law gave birth (very quickly) to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  We haven’t seen her yet, but if everything goes well tomorrow evening we may attempt to visit the hospital to meet this little new addition.