Our lovely respite worker, PS, was here this morning, so I decided to make a quick trip into town to finish up a couple more things that we needed for Christmas.  PS was willing to watch Olivia, too, so I was on my own.  (Thankful for that especially since it is snowing and drifting again today.)  Everything went great in town and I decided to take the bigger highway that runs through town home.  Big mistake!  I was only going about 40 mph when I hit a small bridge.  The back end of the car started sliding side-to-side and before I could really do anything to help it the car spun around and hit the snowbank up against the median in the middle of the highway.  I was facing the wrong way watching two lanes of traffic approaching fairly quickly!  Ahhh!  Thankfully, there was no one around when I slid and the two lanes of traffic were able to slow down and get around me.  I put the car back in drive and was able to turn around and get out of there before any more cars were headed toward me.  My heart still races just thinking about it.  There was NO damage to the car (minus a few very small scratches on the back bumper).  I am fine.  I’m SO glad that the kids weren’t with me.  Talk about guardian angels working overtime!