Olivia has decided to start dressing herself completely.  Great!  I don’t argue with her over what she picks out.  (Most days it’s pretty colorful!)  Thursday we had a big afternoon in town planned full of lots of errands.  Well, Olivia decided it was the day to pull out the princess dress along with the matching “princess hat” (tiara).  Just pleased that she is interested in dressing herself, I figured I’d take her out on the town – tiara and all.  (Oh, and yes, she had Popsicle tattoos all up and down both arms from the day before.  Nice!)  We had looks everywhere we went.  Most people smiled and told her how pretty she was.  I think we had a few people disapproving of why I would let my child out of the house dressed like that, but hey, I have bigger concerns here, so if one of my children wants to pick out their own clothes and dress themselves, well, I’m going to let them.  I’m just glad we had more smiling faces than the scowling ones! 🙂