Even with all of the snow we had Friday morning  just about everyone was able to make it to our party last night.  It was really nice.  The house looked great after a long day of cleaning (and hiding things in closets – that’s what those are for, right???).  We had simple finger-type foods.  It was just nice and relaxing because here, at home, our house is childproofed already for our kids, so that relieved a lot of stress that we usually have when we go to someone else’s house.  A couple of the cousins were over and having fun running and screaming in the basement.  Yeah, they were pretty loud, so Christian goes over to his letter blocks that he was carrying around the house and spells out on the floor “C-A-L-M-E-R”.  That’s right – CALMER!  Can’t you believe it?!?  That just cracks me up!  I love it!  😉