Christian’s sickness disappeared as fast as it came.  We slept in the living room last night so we could be near a bathroom and I could be close by.  Not necessary.  He got REALLY sick during that one half-hour and then it was gone!  He slept great.  And was energetic and hungry this morning.  He was keeping his food and liquids down and was running and jumping all over the house.  Totally back to normal.  He went to school today.  Looked a little tired when I picked him up for OT, but had a great day.  Had an AWESOME OT appointment.  Doing things he normally doesn’t do without a fuss and actually ASKED for a certain SWING!  This is HUGE!!!  He doesn’t like to swing and he asked for one!  WOW!!!  He ate great for supper and snuggled up with me to fall asleep.  After the rough couple of nights we’ve had, it was nice to end the day curled up with him on the couch.  🙂

Another happy event today – I found some totally great GF/CF holiday cookies at the grocery store on the way to OT this afternoon!  They look JUST like regular Christmas-y decorated cookies and were priced reasonably.  I’m SO excited.  I wanted some cookies to have around for the holiday season just in case Christian decided he was interested in cookies this year.  I didn’t want to mess around with trying to bake the GF/CF ones because when I have done this in the past he looks at them funny and walks away, refusing to even taste them.  I didn’t want to spend all of the time and effort to have my cookies rejected again, so I thought I’d pick up a small package at the store and hope those would fly.  I let him split one with Olivia in the car as we drove to OT and they loved them!  I’m SO happy!  Now I know that I could actually try baking him some cookies again and maybe not be turned down (or, if lazy, make a trip back to that grocery store and see if they have anymore of their holiday cookies left).  😉