…and we are supposed to get over 8 inches by morning and over a foot by tomorrow afternoon.  I’m thinking no school tomorrow and that Brian will have to be rescued to get to the farm.  (or ski in or something…)  Yikes!  That is a WHOLE LOT of snow!!!

Good thing – Christian started eating burgers again today.  Yay!  Turkeyburgers were the hit, so I think I’ll stick with those for a couple of days before I go back to rotating them.

Another good thing – we finally brought enough of our boxes from the garage into the house that Brian can actually park his car inside now.  He’s happy to not have to scrape off his car at 5 in the morning anymore.  (Although with 8 inches on the way tonight, I still don’t know how he is going to get out of the garage!?!)

More good – We finally hung some of our pictures/artwork on the walls last night.  That was always one of the first things I would do when we moved into a new place to make it feel more like home, but with Brian spending all of his free time in the basement we had never really had the chance to discuss where we wanted things to go.  Most of it is done now and it is SO cool to see some of the pictures that we haven’t seen for a year and a half!  We had forgotten about some of them!  The house feels even more like home now finding some of those “lost” memories. 🙂

Even more good – Christian has slept past 5:30am the last two nights!  Yay!  (insert cartwheel here)  Olivia even slept great last night.  (another cartwheel)  Now it’s my turn to sleep well!  (Right???)  😉