• For our furnace getting unexpectedly fixed yet on Wednesday night.  I guess there is still a part that needs to be replaced on the new furnace.  (I know, huh???)  But it is up and running.  Yay!!!  🙂
  • Thanksgiving went better than expected visiting my family.  Only a couple of MINOR meltdowns.  It was actually quite relaxing.  (Even if I was SO tired that it was hard to hold an intelligent conversation.) 🙂
  • We had so much to eat at the family gathering that I didn’t have to make supper last night because we were all still full.  (Well, I made toast for Christian, but I don’t count that as “making supper.”)
  • My lovely mother-in-law rose before the sun this morning to come over and stay with the kids while I ran into town to do some crazy shopping.  I’m proud that I was able to be in-and-out of six stores in less than two hours and was able to get all but one thing on our list (all things that we would have needed to purchase anyway but at HUGE discounts).  I’m not a Black Friday shopper, but the deals were too good to pass up this year! 🙂
  • Husband has been working incredibly hard to finish basement.  He is almost there.  I’m thankful that he is willing to put in the work over his lunch break and after he gets home at night.  I know it’s taking a LOT longer than what he was hoping for, but I think it’s going great and the kids are going to LOVE to have a room that they can just take over and RUN and PLAY!  Thanks hubby!!!  🙂
  • The kids were waiting for my return this morning.  I’m happy that they were good for Grandma and even happier when Olivia came up and said, “Mama, I miss you.” and Christian hugged my legs.  Ahh… I can never get enough of that!  🙂