We are still without a working furnace.   The poor space heater has been working overtime, but it’s keeping us fairly warm.  I am grateful for that!  I think with the furnace just happening to go out on the morning of opening deer hunting weekend, we were a bit out of luck.  Hopefully the parts guy and our builder can get in touch with each other today and we will be able to get it fixed.  The kids and I have spent the last couple of nights in the living room for sleep.  Brian resorted to our bedroom (but with heated blanket) because he was going to bed earlier and just needed to get sleep. 

Brian is also a deer hunter.  Unfortunately, he has not seen any yet during over opening gun weekend (he also hunts bow).  We did end up with deer though through my brother-in-law’s girlfriend’s father.  I guess they didn’t have room for the meat and were looking for takers.  We are more than happy to have some more meat in our freezer!  We just need to finish processing the meat now.  And I need to start thinking of some tasty meals that I can make with it.  🙂 

Also woke up to a beautiful covering of snow this morning.  For sure a couple of inches, although it looks like it could be more than that.  Makes me want to get the Christmas decorations out.  I know we talked about waiting until next weekend, but I might have to break something out a little early.  Hmm… maybe the nativity set…