So the furnace went out some time last night/early morning and was only kicking out cold air.  Brr.  The house is cold.  Brian was able to eventually get a hold of our builder.  He came over to look at it, but is waiting for the parts guy to get back to him.  In the mean time, we are working with a space heater.  I think we will have a big slumber party in the living room tonight so we can snuggle and stay warm!  I took the kids over to the farm for a couple of hours just to thaw out.  It was nice and warm there.  Perhaps will have to visit there again later.  Brought the kids back so Olivia could take her nap and both kids curled up with me on the couch and went to sleep.  Perhaps I should nap now, too!  Christian napping usually means a LATE night tonight!  Hopefully the furnace part will be able to go in yet today, although I’m glad that tonight shouldn’t be as cold as last night!  😉