I spent the whole weekend trying to share a social story with Christian about riding the bus to school.  It seemed like a worthless exercise because every time I got to the word “school” he would come at me swinging, drop to the floor, and have a tantrum.  He usually doesn’t have many of these anymore and I was incredibly surprised.  The book wasn’t working, so I offered up a prayer that he would get on the bus nicely, be calm for his driver, and arrive safely at school – all out of my control; God please take over!  So the bus arrived yesterday morning, at least ten minutes early.  Christian was the first to see it out the window and started whimpering.  I was a tad frustrated that it was here so early because then I was forced into a fury of trying to change his pull-up, get socks & shoes on, jacket, hat, and backpack together – anyway, it wasn’t the calm start to his ride that I was hoping for.  Christian was a bit confused, but once we walked through the garage to the driveway, he was actually happy prancing with me out to the bus.  He got on great and went immediately to the seat behind the driver (where he sits on his ride home).  Well, there wasn’t a carseat there, so he had to move to the other side of the bus (front seat).  I was thinking that he may not readily accept that idea, but he did.  He climbed right up for Driver Santa (which I will call him here because if you put a Santa suit on him, he could certainly pass for Santa Claus) and let Driver Santa buckle him in.  I give him his bus letters and he was ready to go.  From what little I heard about his ride, it went fine until they got to school and his teacher came to get him from the bus.  (He is having a difficult time transitioning TO school right now.)  I guess he whined and dropped a little, but was fine once they got to the classroom.  Succussful right?  You bet.  Why?  Because I gave up trying to be in control.  I know.  Lesson learned again.  I don’t think I will ever learn that lesson enough.

WARNING – grossness factor increase ahead!  Other bonus to yesterday, last night Christian actually took my hand, led me to the bathroom, and said, “potty”!  Awesome!!!  And boy, did he have to go, especially #2.  He sat for probably 15 minutes (all on his own) while we sang “Choo Choo Soul” songs.  I’m so excited that he is starting to take the steps in telling me when he has to go.  Makes my life just that much easier.  Praying that it continues. 🙂