Brian has been working on our basement during just about any free-time that he has the last three weeks or so.  He trying to get a couple of walls up down there, so that we can make an office and storage area and be able to put somethings out of the kids’ reach.  (The plan is to have the rest of the basement as a playroom/therapy area so that we don’t have to have all of that spread all over the living room all of the time.)  Brian’s made a LOT of progress.  The kids and I went downstairs last night to check it out.  Brian was showing me one of the rooms and all of the sudden we realized that Christian wasn’t with us and then a light went out and the TV shut off – he touched a bare wire and blew a fuse.  Thankfully Christian was alright.  A little scared, but just fine.  Brian (and his dad) did eventually figure out the problem and got everything working down there again.  We won’t be making any more trips to the basement until those wires are covered up!  What a scare!


Trying to convince Christian to lay down and try to sleep earlier, I said, “Goodnight, Christian, I love you.” To which he answered, “I wa ooo, mama.” Those words are just too sweet to my ears!!!  🙂

Now if I could only convince him to go to sleep!!!  He’s gotten back into the habit of napping a few days a week again (usually on his way home on the bus – hour ride).  I’m glad that he is taking a nap when he needs one, the problem is that he will NOT go to bed then.  Just not able to sleep later.  It’s after 10pm again tonight and I’m guessing that he may go until after midnight again.  Sigh.  I just want to get everything cleaned up and go to bed.  I just wish he would stop the manic yodelling/running and just lay down with me for a little bit.  Maybe his little body would relax enough then to even consider sleep.  I think he needs it.  (I know I do!!!)