Christian is very color-orinated.  He expects his foods in certain colors and will usually refuse to try something in a different hue.  He is the same way with clothing.  Here is his list of what colors he thinks HIS clothing should be…

  • shoes – all black with velcro
  • socks – always white
  • pants – have to be overalls – denim or a dark color, not royal blue, not tan (but he does like the engineer stripe, even in red!  That threw me for a loop!)
  • shirts – more open to colors here – blue, green, and reds are favorites
  • jackets – have to be navy blue!
  • ball caps – likes his red Cabela’s cap
  • winter hats – will only wear adult-sized (OT thinks his hair is very sensitive) – his favorites are my off-white ones
  • pajamas – blue zippered ones with no feet, one exception for a red pair with white reindeer on them
  • pull-ups – have to be the Huggies Cars or you will NOT get him to wear them at all!

Getting him dressed isn’t bad, as long as you stick to his rules (and figure out when he changes them, although he’s been set in this thinking for awhile).  A little quirky, but I’m just glad he’s OK wearing them at all.  😉