So yesterday I attempted to tweak a recipe for pumpkin spice bread to make it gluten-free and egg-free (as it was already dairy-free).  Christian likes it, so it was a successful, although if I do make it again I will definitely cut the sugar, maybe by half.  It is so sweet that it is almost too sweet for my taste, but like I said, Christian likes it – a LOT.  So much so that after he had a couple of pieces of what he calls, “cake cake,” I had to hide the stuff because he was circling like a shark looking for more.  It actually did turn out more poundcake-ish, so it will make a good dessert option for him in this upcoming holiday season.  I’m just glad that he was willing to try something new.  That is not always that easy!  🙂

I’m just enjoying the peacefulness of a sleeping house right now.  Everyone has turned in for the day.  (And will hopefully stay that way for awhile!)  It is just so quiet!  I love it.  It is so rejuvenating.  I am so thankful for this stillness after the night I had with both kids on the couch all night last night.  It was a LONG night, but we made it through the day and they are both sleeping now, so it’s all good!  🙂

Looking forward to what the day holds tomorrow…