The kids have developed new sleeping habits since we have moved.  At first, they were both staying up later and then sleeping just past 7 am.  (Well, Olivia was still waking a couple of times a night, but that’s not new.  She seems to be having bad dreams/nightmares.  Now that she’s in a “big girl bed” I just crawl in with her and she’s back to sleep within 15 minutes or less (most nights).)  Anyway, their sleeping has now adjusted back to falling asleep around 8:30ish.  Olivia has her couple of wakings a night.  Christian wakes around 4 am and comes and finds me.  He wants to snuggle.  I have found that if we come out to the couch and lay down, he will snuggle with me instead of running and intensely yodelling.  I have also found that most of the times that I turn on either The Weather Channel or ABC’s “World News Now” (or the local ABC news), he will even go back to sleep within a half-hour.  I guess that’s not the worst thing in the world.  As much as I want and long for my sleep, I don’t get a lot of one-on-one alone time with Christian during the day, so if he needs to come and find me at four in the morning to have a good snuggle over the morning news, then so be it.  I’m happy that he wants to spend time with me.  And as long as Olivia doesn’t have one of her wakings after the snugglefest starts, I even get another hour or so of sleep (with my very own human blanket)!  😉