• The kids love the new house.  Christian talks about it all of the time when we are away from home now.  “New house.  New house.”  That’s cool to see him so happy about a place that we are living. 🙂
  • The first week we were living here Christian slept until after 7am.  (And Olivia had few night wakings.)  There were a couple of mornings when I actually got up and showered, had coffee, admired the sunrise, just relaxed before diving head first into the new day.  I felt much more peaceful all day.  That was SO nice!
  • We had a successful trick-or-treating with both kids.  We were prepared to leave after the first house if necessary, but even with horribly cold and wet weather, with prompting they both were saying, “tick-o-teet” and “dank do” at all of the houses we stopped at (probably about ten of them – we didn’t want to push our luck too much).
  • The train roars through probably a good twenty times a day.  We can see it from three sides of our new house.  It doesn’t seem to be waking the kids at night, but does provided entertainment during the day with both kids running to the windows saying, “tain, tain, choo, choo” every time it comes through.  (I am not complaining.  It’s actually cool to have something so close that they are both so into.)
  • The weather is beautiful today.  Not a cloud in the sky! 🙂
  • We finally have internet and TV in the new house.  Yay!  🙂
  • Christian has been going on the toilet a little more often for peeing.  Definitely a step in the right direction.  (And is back to sitting again.  Pretty soon I will figure out how he wants to handle that!)


  • Olivia has being very two lately!  I’m tired and frustrated.  We never had those types of tantrums from Christian.  Olivia can cry and scream at the top of her lungs for more than an hour at a time.  She has done this a few times this week.  This stage passes, right?!?  Does anyone have earplugs that Christian and I can borrow until it does???
  • Olivia’s tantrums set off Christian and after awhile he can’t take the screaming anymore and comes charging at her and shoves her over.  She doesn’t seem to appreciate that, so only causes screaming to get worse, which only makes Christian more angry.  Yeah, vicious cycle…
  • Christian was so into the mirror on the wall of his bedroom that he stripped and pooed on the floor while standing in front of it (admiring himself – well, he is handsome!).  Unfortunately, it was stepped in and mushed into the carpet, so new carpeting now has new poo stains on it.  (I guess now it looks like home – ha ha!) 
  • Olivia has received new underpants from Grandma and tried wearing them, but won’t pee (or poo) on potty so ends up soiling clothes and then needing new carpet scrubbed a countless number of times a day.  She has decided that she doesn’t want to wear her pull-ups.  Ack!  Why???
  • I’m exhausted. I need patience (more than I currently possess).  The garage is full of boxes of things that I’m not sure where to put yet or when I will get to them so that the kids just don’t end up dragging that stuff all over the house.  Waiting for fairy godmother to appear and declutter everything, find a home for it, and get rid of what we really don’t need.  🙂

However, looking forward to this evening.  We are planning on taking the kids over to a Fall Festival at one of the local churches.  I guess they are having games, prizes, and PONY RIDES.  Not sure how it will go, but looking forward to trying because I would hate to miss out on an opportunity that Christian (and Olivia) might really enjoy.  Perhaps we will drag the wagon along so we have a “safe haven” if needed. 🙂

Also just grateful for the opportunity to be in our own place.  We no longer have to wonder if we are disturbing the neighbors and how long they will put up with it.  I no longer have to be on constant patrol while getting the kids in and out of the car at home.  (I don’t know how many times Christian just about got run over in our parking lot.  Scary thing!!!)  So, really, when I look back at all of this, it really is good.  All a lesson of some sort that maybe some day I will understand.  Until then I just need to have a decent night of sleep (or a decent cup of coffee) and continual patience for the unexpected.  Lord, please grant me that patience!

One more funny thing – Olivia dressed her bottom half herself.  I just noticed that she put her Dora underpants on, but kind of missed the leg holes and the whole underpant is up around her waist with nothing over her little butt, but her summery pink pants.  LOL!