So things went SUPER on the bus today.  No problems getting on (which didn’t surprise me considering he was having the same driver and bus).  The ride was shorter than I was told.  35 minutes instead of 55.  Yay!  Christian was happy when he pulled in the driveway of the new house.  He was actually saying, “New house.  New house!” As I came on to unbuckle him today.  He was excited.  Mr. G, our driver, said that after all of the other kids were off the bus Christian was even “talking” a bit to him.  (Alot he said he didn’t understand, but did hear him talking about the “new house.”)  So anyway, I’m just so happy that things went so well.  The kids were both actually really sad when we needed to leave to come home to the apartment.  I did all of this needless worrying over nothing.  I’m so grateful to the Lord for a happy bus ride today! 🙂