On Saturday, we visited a “pumpkin patch” at a local grocery store in town.  They had an awesome selection of pumpkins – all $2 – no matter the shape, size, color.  We had gone hoping to find one to crave with the kids.  We found a nice, short, stocky pumpkin.  The store had also hired a horse-drawn carriage.  Beautiful Clydesdales.  Olivia wanted to see the horses and go for a ride.  Christian kept talking about the “horses,” but because of the magnitudeof people on each ride, we decided that a ride may be too overwhelming for him.  I went with Olivia for a ride, while Brian stayed with Christian and helped him calm down.   (He was upset that I was leaving on the cart, although I don’t think that he personally wanted to go for a ride.)  When we got back, I took Olivia up by the horses heads (they were letting people pet the horses) and Christian came back over then and was petting them, too.  All he could talk about after that was “horse.”  It was neat to see him so interested in an animal like that.  The farm that had brought the horses in for the rides also runs the petting zoo at one of the city parks during the summer.  On the ride, the owner was explaining how they work with special needs people to bond with an animal.  I picked up some information that they had displayed.  I think that may be something to look into for Christian next summer.  We craved the pumpkin into a “happy punkin” when we got home.  Olivia was interested in what was going on.  Christian not so much.  We tried to get both of them to touch some of the pumpkin insides, but neither of them were interested.  The kids just love the “punkin” (as they call it).  It’s fun to see them take joy in those types of things.


Christian’s sleep has been sporadic at best this week.  Last night he woke at 3am and didn’t nap or anything until he passed out after 9pm tonight!   The was going like crazy yet at 9 (I believe that he was super overtired) and without the inkling of him going to sleep anytime soon, I gave him a half dose of melatonin tonight – just to help him fall asleep.  It helped him do that (he was sleeping within 15 minutes of drinking it).  I just hope that he sleep through the night tonight.  I’m hoping ’til at least 4:30.  He seems like he is maybe not feeling quite right.  I also think that he is starting to pick up on the stress in the house with the building project finishing and the move potential hanging in the air.  He is very intuitive like that.