(Yes.  Please sing above title to the tune of “This is the Song that Never Ends.”  If you don’t know that song, count yourself lucky!)

It’s been one of those days.  One were you wake up and hit the ground running (with not even time for a shower.)  Christian, thankfully, slept until 7am.  Wow!  Very nice, but because he is no longer my super early morning wake-up call I was behind schedule a bit.  Get the kids changed, then fed, then a load of laundry, then unload the dishwasher, then reload the dishwasher, help potty, do the “listening,” clean out storage closet for maintenance guy (coming to change filters), put laundry in dryer, talk briefly to Brian on phone, pet the “kitty” (Olivia), help with potties, put one child in car, then the other (hallway being painted by new management), go to appliance store to get delivery date and sales slip, go to Walmartto pick up three-prong outlet thingy (and bananas!), take one child upstairs, then other, start lunch, maintenance guy comes through to change filter and flip heater switch, take laundry out of dryer, feed lunch to kids & fold laundry & put away, collect garbage and recycling…Grandpa arrives to which Olivia shouts with glee, “Pee-pa!  I cited Pee-pa!  I cited Pee-pa!” (which loosely means, “I’m so excited that Grandpa’s here!!!”)  I was trying to think of everything that I needed to take out to the house for the installers.  I finally looked at the clock, however, and realized that I needed to leave like five minutes ago.  Ack!  Olivia was happily playing with Pee-pa and Christian with his letter blocks, so I said a quick “good-bye” and ran out the door with the computer.  I felt like I was forgetting something, but I had no time to figure out what it was.  I had to stop by the farm on the way out to the house to pick up extension cords for one of the TVs.  Did that.  Got to the house about 5 minutes late.  Hoping I didn’t miss installer-guy, but pretty sure I didn’t considering I had just passed our GC on the road.  Waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The cabinets were in, so I spent some of my time out there figuring out what I will use all of that space for.  Spent some time in the kids’ rooms figuring out how those would be best rearranged.  Spent time visiting with our GC and his brother (who is helping him on the build).  Spent some time playing computer games.  Wishing I had brought a book with me.  Walked around the outside of the house.  Walked around the inside of the house.  Waited and waited and waited.  The installer-guy gets there at 3pm.  (Our “promised start time” was between noon-2pm.)  Of course.  So this guy apparently is only the inside-installer-guy.  We needed the outside-installer-guy first.  Ack!  I’m glad that Brian stopped by when he did because he was the one who was actually dealing with the company to get the installation done in the first place.  (It has only been a month and a half of headaches for Brian so far.)  So Brian and this guy were able to talk and sort things out.  It’s frustrating, but the dude couldn’t do anything but put a work order into the computer.  (I guess, at least he could do that much!  Better than the other people Brian had been working with.)  So anyway, they will be contacting us next week to set-up the actual outside-installation date and THEN we can set-up the inside installation date.  What a mess!  And our loan company is being a pain in the butt to our GC again.  I hate to hear that.  I think that our GC will just be happy when he is done with this build so that he doesn’t have to deal with our loan company anymore.  So back to the apartment.  Find the kids happy.  Grandpa happy.  They had fun.  (I’m so glad!)  Grandpa takes off.  I start by helping potty.  Then start kids’ supper.  Then take out garbage (that I had forgotten to take out hours before, at least I had set it in the bathroom).  Feed kids’ supper.  Start our supper.  Help potty again.  Finish our supper.  Help kids play computer while waiting for Brian to get home.  Eat supper & chat with frustrated husband.  Play with kids.  Put stuff back into storage closet.  Help potty.  Try to settle kids.  Put Olivia to bed in our room.  Get Christian’s bed ready.  Carry him to bed (had fallen asleep watching the Brewer game with Brian).  Carry Olivia to her “bed” in living room.  Run to Blockbuster to return movie.  To go Walmart to do grocery shopping.  Carry groceries upstairs and put away.  Pick-up an enormous amount of toys from living room floor without waking sleeping Olivia.  Sit on couch and write this.  Starting to feel tired now that all this is accomplished.  Glad that this day might finally end…

Of course not five minutes after I finished typing this post, Christian got up and was up until 2:30am!  Good thing today is a Saturday.  Perhaps a nap can be part of my afternoon schedule today!