The house is painted!  Amazingly!  Big thanks to my dad for all of his extra help with which we would not have had this huge feat accomplished!!!  I’m just surprised we got it done with only four people (Brian, Dad, Brian’s sister, me) total painting (and never more than two at a time) and most rooms needing a second coat – I’m just – Wow!  It was especially hard to paint this weekend because it rained everyday, most of the day, and we have no lights in the house yet.  It was hard to see where we had missed spots until the paint was dry.  But it’s done.  I’m so happy that it’s done.  And tired.  And why can’t the laundry that was neglected all weekend dry faster?  (Our dryer no longer shuts off on it’s own.)  And why can’t the dishes in the sink just do themselves and then find their way to the cupboard?  And why can’t the toys magically find their way back to where they belong?  I suppose that’s what tomorrow is for, right?!?  🙂