Today the bus went even better.  Christian got on beautifully again today.  He even remained calm when I moved back a couple of seats after a few of the other kids got off the bus.  He doesn’t have school on Fridays, but when he goes back on Monday I will be there to buckle him in and then get off and meet him at home.  I’m certain he can do it.  I’m excited for him!  🙂

He is also consistently sleeping past 6am now.  What’s the difference?  Who knows for sure.  Perhaps getting worn out from school.  Perhaps the fresh air from the open window in his room.  Perhaps being able to tolerate his weighted blanket at night again.  It could be so many things, even as simple as just prayers answered with a resounding, “Yes!”


On a totally different note…I’m so excited to be able to start painting tomorrow.  My dad is going to come down and help me for a few hours in the afternoon.  Brian will be able to watch the kids for a couple of hours over his lunch and then his mom can watch them for a few more.  I think she will be able to watch them for a couple of hours on Saturday morning and then Brian and I will take turns watching them and painting the house.  I think the same thing on Sunday.  We may be able to get some help from one of Brian’s sisters (late on Sat. & Sun.) and if needed my parents on Sunday.  We will see how it goes.  I’m just so excited to see color on the walls.  That should really bring the house to life!!!  🙂