So, the day was super busy, but we survived (some better than others) and now everyone else is sleeping peacefully.  We had a nice training session with our new respite worker for the fall.  She seems very nice.  We will see how everything goes tomorrow. I’m sure Christian will like P just fine, especially if she brings him special new puzzles to put together.  🙂

Christian had a great day at school.  Everyone who worked with him last year was impressed with his new echoing of words and just general attention span.  His ability to follow directions was also a big improvement over last year.  Snack time was a problem again, but they had that problem with him for a few weeks last year, so already had an idea of how to handle that situation.  Yay for a good first day!  🙂

The bus, however, was a totally different story.  I guess Christian started panicing at the sight of the bus.  (And to complicate the situation the company switched permanent drivers at the last minute and the driver had not been informed about our situation.)  Miss J, his teacher, helped him into the bus and tried to get him in his carseat.  Bless her heart, she tried for five minutes!  Christian can be unbelievably strong when he is terrified to do something.  After 5 minutes of struggling, Miss J was getting concerned that even if she did get him in his seat that he would get himself hurt on the way home trying to get out.  (And she didn’t think she could get him in the seat anyway.)  I got the call to come and pick him up.  I was just hoping that it would go so much better, but I also understood just how scared of the bus he really is, so I wasn’t all that surprised.  On my drive over to school, Miss J asked me to think about what they could try differently tomorrow to make that go smoother. I could only think of one thing that he would possibly tolerate enough to get him to endure that bus ride.  I have to ride with him for the rest of the week.  (And Olivia will have to come, too.)  I brought that idea up with Miss J when I got to school and she thought that would work.  She called the bus company to check with them (especially concerning bringing Olivia on the bus with us), and the company was fine with the new plan (as long as Olivia rides in a carseat).  So tomorrow I will arrive at school just before the end of the day and get Olivia’s carseat on the bus and Olivia strapped in and then we will be ready for when the two classrooms are dismissed who ride that bus.  (We will just have to go pick up the car when Brian gets home from work.)  If I can get him to ride with me for the rest of the week, then we will try next Monday himself again.  (Because he has OT at the hospital and I need to have a vehicle to transport him over there.)  If after two weeks it is not working, we will wait until sometime after we move to try again.  That will be another HUGE transition coming up for him in a little over a month, so it will be important not to try TOO many new things at once.  My prayer is that I can get him on that bus tomorrow and buckled in his seat.  If we get that far, then I’ll pray that the rest of the week gets less and less traumatic at bus riding time.  One day at a time, right?!?

After all of that drama and getting up at 4am (that’s early but he had over 10 hours of sleep, so I will not complain), Christian was pretty tired by the time we got to OT.  It went pretty well today. She is still working on his fear of swings – believing that once she can get him to stay on one for more than 30 seconds at a time that he would actually really enjoy it.  Even though she was pushing him and he was tired, he didn’t “wet noodle” on her when she was trying to get him to do something that he didn’t like, instead he just said, “No, no, no.”  (in an even tone)  This is a huge step for him.  I was excited to be able to see that happen. 🙂


This morning while we were playing with letter blocks and doing the “Listening” in Christian’s room he was just going along grouping letters together and spelling occasional words, like “play,” “Nick,” “cast,” etc.  I could hear him singing to himself.  Sometimes words from the CD we were listening to, sometimes words from his favorite hymn DVD.  After awhile I could tell that he was singing his favorite, “Solid Rock” hymn and then he reached over and spelled out “J-E-S-U-S” with his blocks and then said, “Jesus.”  So awesome!  I cannot tell you hoe overjoyed I was!!! 🙂  (And he kept saying, “Jesus” on and off all day.  I think he was singing that song in his head.  I had to inform his teacher and OT that he was singing a song and not just shouting out “Jesus” inappropriately.  What a funny “problem” to have!)  🙂