We have been enjoying great corn on the cob this summer.  Christian still isn’t interested (in corn or any veggie), but Olivia just LOVES corn, especially on the cob.  We had some with supper tonight.  I was preparing to husk it when Olivia declared that she must help me.  OK.  I started pulling some of the outer husk halfway down and then she would pull it off the rest of the way and put it in the trashcan.  While she was pulling she would ask, “Where’s corn?”  I would ask her where it was and she would respond, “It’s hiding.”  As soon as she could see the yellow kernels, she would announce, “There’s corn!!!” and be so excited and giggly.  It was funny!  She did that for each of the five pieces we made tonight.  After we were done husking, we wrapped them in their aluminium foil “blankets” and put them in the oven to cook.  (I let her help put them in tonight since I hadn’t turned on the oven yet.)  She was just so excited to be able to help cook tonight.  I think that we will have to try more cooking projects while Christian is gone at school this year.  Oh, and by the way, the corn was excellent tonight!!!  🙂