I know that I write alot about the sleep that does (or doesn’t) happen in our home.  Just to make it clear, Christian didn’t always have a sleep problem.  A couple of weeks before Olivia was born Christian started sleeping through the night.  (Their birthdays are 23 months apart.)  He slept pretty well most nights (minus being sick) until we moved from Florida to Wisconsin.  Sleep got REALLY bad then.  Our family of four started out sharing a bedroom at my in-laws house.  I’m grateful that they were willing to open their home to us (especially since we moved up with no immediate job).  It also made Christian very comfortable being at their house.  We stayed there for two months until we moved into the apartment that we are currently living in.  We use melatonin with Christian to help him fall asleep.  It really, really seems to help him – especially fall into a deep, peaceful sleep instead of a light, fitfull one.  I’m starting to think that part of the current sleep problem stems from noises he hears after being asleep for a few hours.  His room is right over the door to the apartment building and it often closes with a bang when people are coming or going.  I know.  We could possibly change bedrooms with him, but he now is comfortable with that as his room and with moving into a different home in a couple of months it is not worth trying to make that change now.  Our apartment also faces the parking lot, so there is the noise of cars (and motorcycles!) coming and going all night.  Olivia is apparently starting to have bad dreams and will sometimes shout out for help in the middle of the night.  (I know that has woke Christian up before.)  He sometimes hears the neighbor girls come home late (espeically on the weekends) or hears Daddy leave for work (super) early in the morning.  I have also found that if he goes to bed with a semi-empty stomach he gets up hungry.  If he is constipated, he gets up with gas.  If he gets too hot, he wakes up sweaty.  If he gets too cold, he wakes looking for someone to snuggle with.  Sometimes he seems to wake from not having enough pressure on him, and sometimes it is because he has too much.  (He occasionally sleeps with a weighted blanket.)  If his nose is stuffy, he gets up with that bothering him because he really doesn’t get the whole concept of blowing his nose yet.  (He must have my season allergies.  He didn’t seem to be bothered by any until we moved up here – mine weren’t nearly as bad in Florida as they are in the Midwest.)  Anyway, there are numerous things that get him up in the night.  Some I can control.  Some I can’t.  I’m hoping that once we get away from some of the “big city” (ha ha) noise that he may sleep a little better.  I’m hoping that by dividing his melatonin into two doses and having a reserve half dose for the middle of the night may facilitate him going back to sleep quicker.  I’m hoping that once he is back in school he may be a little more worn out from his busy day.  Also hoping that once we have a safe yard to run in everyday that he will get more worn out from just playing outside.  I know.  I’m doing lots of hoping.  I do lots of praying about sleep too.  His sleep just really seems to be totally out of my control.  I can do little things to help, but I certainly can’t make him sleep!  😉

Funny thing is that as I write this he is napping and now I have to wake him from sleep so that he is not up until 2 in the morning.  Go figure!  🙂