Well, Olivia slept last night (to bed at 8:45pm).  Slept until 5am.  I convinced her to go back to sleep until 6:30am.  I’m glad she had a better night, even with all of Christian’s noise less than a foot away.

Christian, well, he went to sleep at 7:30pm, but got up at 2-ish.  Loud and obnoxious running/screaming started immediately.  I decided to see if he would calm down if I put the “magic DVD” in right away.  Well, it managed to slow him from a constant run/scream to an occasional one, so I guess it did something.  It didn’t lull him back to sleep until the 5th time.  (Which he figured out how to turn back on whenever it got back to the main menu.  A skill I didn’t know he had!)  I’m thinking tonight I will give him half of his melatonin dose before bed and give him the other half if he wakes before 4am.  (That’s as close as I can get to “time-release” since he is taking a liquid version.)  I’m hoping that will maybe help since last night was night #5 in a row that he has been up by 2:30am or before.  Yuck!  I’m dreading completing tasks today because I cannot think clearly, but maybe if I keep busy with things I won’t realize just how tired I actually am.  (Well, one can dream, right???)  😉