As I was preparing for starting supper I decided to turn on a Video on Demand for the kids that comes with our cable.  I was flipping through looking at what kids programming was available when all of the sudden Christian was standing there looking at the screen saying, “Yo Gabba,”  “Franklin,” and “Diego.”  The funny thing is he knows these shows, but we don’t watch them On Demand, so he wasn’t requesting them.  He also was saying the names as they popped up on the screen.  Was he really recognizing the words?  Can he really do some reading?  I was amazed! 🙂


In other good news, the poo stayed where it belonged today.  What a relief!  🙂


We only have respite with these workers for one more week.  (Since they are college girls and their fall schedules will not fit ours.)  Olivia will be sad.  She has gotten pretty attached to L.  She asks a number of times a week when L will come and play again.  L has offered to babysit if we ever need her and our schedules would allow.  We may just have to take her up on that.  Both the kids really seem to like and trust her.  (And she does a GREAT job!)  🙂


Why can’t my kids nap at the same time ever???  Christian woke up at 3am.  He had Olivia up by 5am.  I had her down for a nap by 9:30 (believe me, she NEEDED it!).  Christian was SO tired.  I tried to get him to snuggle.  He just wasn’t interested for more than a minute at a time.  I gave up and went to start the wash while he was playing with his letter blocks on the floor.  2 minutes later (10:45), he was passed out with his blocks spread out all around him.  I picked him up and put him in bed hoping that I could close my eyes for a couple of minutes.  (I had been up with Christian since 3.)  I just got my eyes closed when Olivia woke up and commanded that “Mama, NO nap NOW!!!”  OK.  Fine.  I really needed to get ready for A to come for respite today anyway (at 11:30).  Maybe someday they will nap at the same time and I will be able to close my eyes.  Maybe tomorrow?  Hah!  I won’t hold my breath.  🙂

(I will just take it as it comes and roll with the punches.)