Yep.  I was right.  Christian did stay up until about 1am.  After we set up some “road blocks” (i.e. chairs, his “roll”, etc.) so that he couldn’t run laps in the living room (where Olivia was also trying to sleep), he settled down to spell with his letter blocks and play with his Little People.  He decided that he didn’t want to watch the “Bee Movie” after all, but instead wanted to watch the “Pink DVD” that he “borrowed” from Grandma.  (“Pink DVD” = 27 Dresses.  It is in a pink case and he has a thing for Katherine Heigl right now.  Grandma has a couple of other movies with her featured on the case and he usually tries to “borrow” those as well.)  So we “watched” that (FF through a couple of areas) and then I put in his kids’ Hymn Sing DVD, which seems to calm him when he is ready.  He watched that once (while I dozed) and then he woke me up, so I turned it on again.  He went back to watching it (I think because it shows all of the words on the screen and it has beautiful pictures) and I dozed off again.  I woke when it finished and found him sleeping on top of me.  I figured I’d better shut off the player et all, so I slid out from underneath him, shut off the player, got a drink of water, and then consoled Olivia (she woke when I opened the frig).  Olivia woke us all about 5:45 this morning, so it has been another LONG day.  But over all it has been a good one.  Christian even stayed up later tonight, so I’m praying and hoping that means a sleep that lasts later into the morning!?!  I would SO enjoy that!!!  🙂