Christian’s dentist appointment was today.  He was fine until we walked back by the examine chairs and he just flipped out it just the sight of them.  I hated to put him through this, but I knew that he shouldn’t just live on toast and sliced apples forever, so I made him walk through the door.  I could see the look of freight in his eyes and I knew that he didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t know how to help him besides telling him that I was there for him and that the doctor was going to help his tooth feel better.  They used a papoose board to keep him immobile during the procedure, but the dentist and assistant were both surprised at his strength as he fought them all the way through the filling.  Thankfully it didn’t last longer than ten minutes (although to me (and probably Christian) it felt more like an hour)!  I am relieved that the filling is done.  I pray that we don’t have any more because I’d hate to have to put him through that torture again.  (And it’s torture to me to have to stand by and watch knowing that there is nothing more that I can do for him at that point in time.)  I hope that his lack of “happy screaming” as he tired tonight was I sign that his tooth was no longer causing him pain.  I pray that his lack of outbursts continue as well as they really have seemed to get worse and worse over the last few weeks.  I pray that he sleeps well tonight and will not be haunted by the events of the day.  I’m just so proud of him for making it through this visit to the dentist!  🙂