Haven’t written much lately because I have been up late with the kids and then watching the Olympics.  I’ve been glued to the swimming and gymnastics competitions in the evening.  During the days there has been many decisions to be made regarding what is going into our house.  Things keep trucking along there.  Brian and I finalized flooring, cabinets, and countertops over his lunch hourtoday (while Christian had respite).  I also bought Christian his “roll” over lunch today.  (It is a sturdy 4 foot long by 2 foot in diameter tunnel.)  His OT has one and told us they had gotten it from a concrete company and then covered it with carpeting.  Ours is “naked,” but Christian immediately recognized it as a “roll” and crawled in right away.  He loves it (and it was even less than $25, much better price than what the therapy catalogs sell their tunnels for)!  And I love it when he has something that is calming for him.  🙂  I am also glad that his cavity will be taken care of soon.  He is eating less and less and becoming more and more cranky.  Poor guy!!!