Well, I’m no longer waiting for six months and watching Christian’s smallish cavity.  He has given up eating his burgers the last couple of days and has been putting his hand in his mouth – alot.  (He normally doesn’t do that at all.)  Since he doesn’t show pain much, I just have to speculate that these are signs that the tooth is bothering quite a bit.  Thankfully, the dentist is able to squeeze him in a couple of weeks from now.  Hopefully that will help him out, although I’m not sure how they will get him to keep his mouth open long enough to work on it.  (I guess that’s really not my problem though, so I won’t lose any sleep over it.)


The trusses went up on the house today.  I guess by the end of the week they are planning on putting the shingles on.  Wow!  Things are certainly moving right along!  🙂