We finally have an address for the house we are building!  That’s an exciting milestone!  They have also gotten as far as putting up the floor and the four outer walls!  Things are moving SO quickly!  Brian has been taking pictures of the progress so that I can see what is going on without having to drive all the way over there.  (Although the kids and I drove by the site this morning on the way out to the farm.  Christian has been cooped up in the apartment most of the week, so I thought we would go out and run a little before it got too hot today.)  Olivia is convinced that her house should be pink, and that Daddy’s and Christian’s houses should be blue, and that mine should be brown.  I’m not sure why I get the dull color!  Also not sure where she comes up with this stuff!?!  But she’s funny.  I think we will just have to make her room pink and hope that will cut it for her!  🙂