Sleep was not so good last night.  Yeah, Christian was up by 1:30am!  Yuck!  I hate getting up THAT early!  He finally napped for a couple of hours around 4ish.  By that time I had passed out from exhaustion on the couch.  Brian had told me later that he had been sleeping when he had left for work.  So, it’s been a long day.  I’m praying for better sleep tonight!  Especially after no nap today…

We had an OT appointment today.  The insurance company decided to grant him a few more visit while the appropriate paperwork is filed to get the insurance that he should actually have.  (Yeah, it’s a mess and doesn’t make a lot of sense, but hopefully it will all be figured out by the time his current authorization ends.)  It was a hard appointment after being away from OT for a couple of weeks.  We are really trying to get Christian back on his Therapeutic Listening program and he just freaks out any time he even just sees the headphones.  He spent part of his session today hiding under a chair because he had seen the headphones.  His therapist decided that for now he can just do the listening twice a day on a boombox with the headphones laying on top of the boombox.  I hope he will tolerate that better than what we have been trying.  I don’t know why his fear is SO intense right now, but it is just unbelievable to watch.

Christian also has a dentist appointment tomorrow.  I’m happy that he is going in because Christian has really been digging in his mouth this past week. I’m hoping that it is nothing serious because Christian has always been an extremely good teethbrusher, but it will be good to know either way.  I’m very happy about the understanding of the dentist we are going to.  He is willing to make arrangements so that Christian doesn’t need to be around all of the scary lighting and equipment.  I appreciate that more than the dentist will ever know.