Brian and I took the kids to the county pool this evening.  The kids love the water!  It’s a very nice pool; it even has a couple of inner tube waterslides.  The inner tube slides are Christian’s favorites.  Brian and I always have to take turns taking him down those because if Christian had his way that is all we would do the whole time at the pool.  (And it’s tiring with him – dragging the tube and holding his hand so that he doesn’t run away, making sure his climbs the stairs without cutting in line, and then keeping Christian’s head above water at the end of the ride – he doesn’t know how to swim and the water is 3 feet deep at the end of the ride).   I don’t mind taking Christian down.  I actually enjoy it alot!  He has SO much fun on the ride – singing and giggling all the way down.  I love to feel his body relax as the tube sways in the current on the slide.  (He doesn’t relax while awake very often.  I think because of many of his sensory issues.)  I just love being able to share those moments with him because it is something that he REALLY enjoys and is willing to share it with me.  We don’t have many of those moments, so I cherish them when they do come.  Anyway, on one of the treks to the top of the slide tonight, I noticed that the height requirement for riding the slide with an adult was 32″.  Olivia is 36″ and she LOVES slides, so I figured that when it was Brian’s turn with Christian, I would see if Olivia wanted to ride on the slide.  She did and wanted to ride the pink one, of course.  (There is a pink and a yellow.  The yellow is Christian’s favorite because it is enclosed.)  She just loved it!  She was giggling all the way down.  I think she went down with me 4 times and then it was my turn for Christian again.  Apparently she will be a thrill seeker like big brother.   As long as Brian will ride the upside down roller coasters with them, I don’t mind…  🙂


In the morning, we had taken the kids to the county fair and walked around looking at the animals.  It was neat to hear Christian sing, “Old McDonald” spontaneously as we passed the different animals.  Olivia got a kick out of brushing a cow and feeding the goats.  She really liked the little chicks, too.  She is all about baby birds and bunnies right now.  She was actually wanting to take one of the show rabbits home today.  Sorry, kiddo, maybe when you are older and can do all of the care management work!  🙂  Anyway, it was a fun day.  Yay!  🙂