So with renewed efforts to potty train come more time spent in the bathroom.  All I can say is that I need more hands!  I had been leaving the bathroom door open for Olivia because she is pretty good about going in and starting her business if needed, which is great and very much appreciated.  I had just had Christian in the bathroom for another unsuccessful trip (I know, it will come with time and readiness), but Olivia needed me urgently, so I left Christian in the bathroom looking at some of his favorite bathtub toys.  I attended to whatever Olivia’s needs were at the time and walked back into the bathroom to find Christian with his head hanging down in the toilet seat TRYING to take a drink out of the toilet!  We don’t even have a dog that he would have seen do this!  It SO repulsed me!  But, I guess he saw water and was thirsty and thought that he would try to get a drink by himself.  So, I’m back to keeping the door closed again with the doorknob cover on!  After shouting, “NO!!!” to get Christian to get his head out of the toilet, I tried to calmly explain to him that toilets are for peeing in and NOT drinking from, and then I got him a juice box.  Yes, he was VERY thirsty.  I’m always afraid to ask, “What next?!?”  But, I’m curious.  I have to say…life is never a dull moment around here!!!  🙂