We are happy to announce that Christian is sleeping 8+ hours a night.  Unfortunately, he is falling asleep (as we try anything that we can think of to keep him awake) between 6 and 7 for the last number of nights.  He was up at 2:30 this morning.  Well, that was 8 hours of sleep for him, so I couldn’t complain that he hadn’t slept enough.  With that being said, I took the kids out to the farm this morning to let them run around for a couple of hours.  (And it was a beautiful morning, not to hot or cold or windy, just right with a few small puddles to splash in!)  I was hoping to induce an early afternoon nap that would maybe push back bedtime by a couple of hours and push back the waking a couple of hours?  Well, that would be logical, anyway.  Did it happen, no.  Christian is standing next to me right now eating an apple and getting his apply-juicy face right up on the computer screen because it has tons of cool colors and is SO awesome to look at when your face is pressed up against the computer.  It’s 4:30pm now.  I don’t want him to nap anymore because then he will sleep for a couple of hours and most likely be up until 2 in the morning.  (I am speaking from past experience here!)  I guess I hope that if we can keep him up until 7 he will not be too overtired and will maybe have one of those nights of 10 hour sleep.  5am is SO MUCH better than 2ish!!!  I hope that we can push his sleep around a bit before school starts.  He will be in an afternoon class this year and it would be a benefit to him (and the teacher and assistant) if he wasn’t SO tired by the time he gets to the afternoon.

I wish I knew what was causing his tantrum right now.  Sometimes they turn on without anything that I know of triggering them.  It causes much screaming (the unhappy kind, sounds almost like the happy kind, and unless you were around him alot you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference) and hitting and kicking.  Sometimes they shut off as fast as they turn on.  I hope this one does.  There usually is very little that I can do to actually help him during this.  I only wish I knew the cause…

On a side note, I haven’t mentioned our house-building project lately because it seemed like every time I said something about it, we had a new hoop to jump through.  I’m not a superstitious person and believe fully that everything happens for a reason.  We were starting to wonder if we weren’t meant to be in this house.  But good news!  We closed last week Thursday!!!  Barring any unforeseen problems with obtaining the needed permits, the building (or land work, anyway) should begin in the next couple of weeks.  We couldn’t be happier about this!!!  🙂  It would be SO beneficial for our family to be in a place where we wouldn’t have neighbors right through our walls, everyone would have their own bedrooms (well, Brian and I would still share, but you know what I mean), and we would have a safe place to play outside and just RUN!  I feel a stress-relief just thinking about the possibilities.  I pray that it will be everything (and more) that I am hoping for!  🙂