It’s been a little disheartening hearing the news the last few days.  I know I was reading on the web about the mother and son with autism who were booted off of a flight earlier this week.  It’s just so painful to actually read this, making us wonder if airline travel will ever be possible for our family again.  Christian is a fairly seasoned airline traveler with at least five, maybe six, flights under his belt.  He has always traveled by plane very well and we were happy to be in our destination so quickly!  The last time he flew was last summer when we moved to Wisconsin.  He did great, but since then he has developed a new fear of swings and riding on a small train and some other movement issues – putting the possibility out there that even though he has traveled well in the past, he may not travel by air well in the future.  And if the possibility exists that the airlines will not be tolerant of children with special needs, then I think that our family will have to give up airline travel.  (And I REALLY enjoy traveling by air!!!)

The website that I read that article on also had a story about a teenage boy with autism being banned from a church.  Wow!  That’s a scary thought!  I can’t imagine! Right now our family sits in our church’s “Child Training Room” because Christian usually vocalizes during church and sometimes quite loudly.  It just saddens me to think that a family dealing with autism had to deal with this from their church, too.

However, good news that a 25-year old man with autism was found safe after being missing from a camp for a week.  His parents must be rejoicing so greatly along with everyone at that camp!

Anywho, all of this has been just bothering me as we go through more paperwork to continue therapies for Christian and struggle with our doctor over things she would like and not like us to do.  I may not be a perfect parent, but with God’s help, I’m trying to do the best that I can!