(The above to be read with the same tone and rhythm as “Move that bus!” from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.)

Christian continues to say more understandable words everyday.  We were out at the farm last night for a Father’s Day cookout (which worked out well considering Brian is doing the milking by himself the next few days with brother, Tim, out of town).  We were enjoying supper and Christian ran over to the door that leads to upstairs (it is protected by a doorknob cover), and proclaimed at the top of his lungs, “Open this door!”  Hilarious!  He then continued to say it over and over.  I was so happy to hear him string together for another request!  The unfortunate thing is I couldn’t fulfill his request, which of course made him with furious and the room was then filled with great tears, screaming, and hits.  Next time I hope he makes a request that I can actually fulfill for him!

To help fill some of his sensory needs while we were out there yesterday, I let him stomp, splash, and swim (yes, swim) in any and every mud puddle he could find.  He had a blast!  All the color of his clothes by the end of the 45 minutes were brownish, greenish but he was playing in water that wasn’t clear!  This is huge for him!  (He currently will not drink anything that he cannot see through.  So he drinks apple juice, white grape juice, and water.  That’s about it.  Thank goodness for supplements!) I’m sure there will be much more mud fun to be had this summer!

The flood waters around town are mostly back to where they belong.  There are a few roads and bridges that will need to be repaired before they can be used again.  We are very fortunate that our families didn’t have more damage than we did.  (One of Brian’s sisters had three feet of water in her basement – doing a fair amount of damage to their belongings that they were storing down there in preparation for their move at the end of the month.)  Many people around town were much more affected, but nothing like what’s going on in Iowa.  Many prayers needed!

I’m hoping for a nap today.  Olivia had a rough night with intestinal problems and Christian was up from 11:30 – 4:30.  Arrrr!  I should go to bed before 11pm, but I was reading an interesting book last night and I can’t get it read during the day without Christian thinking that he NEEDS to have it.  I think a couple more nights of reading after he is in bed and I will have it done. 🙂