Christian has always had a love of letter and numbers.  He has a number of various letter sets that he uses during the day to line the letters up and “spell” words during the day.  A couple of months ago we noticed that he was starting to spell words that he has seen on his books/toys like Nick Jr, Big Idea, soap, home, Blues Clues, Blues Room, etc.  Yesterday he was busy rearranging his letters again and all of the sudden we saw “Nickelodeon” on the floor.  Amazing!  That’s a big word for a 4-year old!  I wonder what new words we will see this week! 🙂

Christian has two more days of school this week and then he is done until September.  At least we get started with respite care this week.  I am eager to see how their personalities will mess with Christian’s.  We also have OT again today.  It’s been a hard week for me to consistently stay on top of his OT exercises, especially now that we are trying to add Therapeutic Listening back into his OT program.  He is oversensitive to having his headphones on now that we have had such a big break from the program.  The days that I have been able to get him through a song (we are supposed to be doing 20 minutes, but I can only make it 4-5), I have to physically restrain him otherwise he is throwing the headphones across the room (they are very expensive) and just hitting and slapping me.  I hate to have to restrain him like that, but I’m hoping that after a little awhile he will realize that it’s not that bad and Mama is going to make  him do it, so if he doesn’t fight it we will be done that much faster!

We have blueprints!  They are exciting to see.  Possibily we will be able to close on all of this on Wednesday.  If we can close this week, the builder thinks that we may be able to get into the house by the end of September.  That would be wonderful!  We hope and pray that things keep progressing well!

I can’t wait to take Olivia into the Constipation Clinic in a couple of weeks.  We just went through a horrible bout with it over the weekend again.  She finally got some relief last night.  Thank goodness!  She actually slept more than a 1/2 hour at a time.  At least I wasn’t up with both kids last night then!  I’m starting to feel a little more rested.  I hope we can all sleep better again tonight! 🙂

There was a festival in town over the weekend.  We had rain/storms all weekend, except for Saturday morning which was perfectly sunny and warm.  We headed down to the park, especially to see Dora and Diego, who were meeting and greeting kids at the festival.  We didn’t get to take a picture with them like we were hoping, we got all the way to the front of the line, the next people actually, and then the handlers said they had to go, but Olivia did get to give Dora a high-five, which I think Brian was able to get a picture of.  The kids were pretty excited.  It was funny to see a Dora who was at least 6-1/2 feet tall!!!  We played on the playground a little bit and stayed for two-ish hours.  (About as long as the kids could handle in the stroller.)  We made sure to put a good amount of sunblock on everyone, but in our haste to leave to see Dora I forgot to put some on myself.  Ouch!  My shoulder are a bright red!  Can’t forget to put that stuff on in the future!  I regret that mistake everytime the kids touch my shoulders!!!