This is not a usual occurrence in our home, although there is nothing wrong with it, but Brian was out with one of his buddy’s celebrating a birthday for supper, so the kids and I had one of Christian’s favorites.  Yum!  The kids ate well.  I topped mine off with some fresh maple syrup that my uncle had made – excellent! My belly is happy, and filled with all-natural syrupy, sugary goodness. 🙂

We’ve had a rough week of sleep.  I am praying tonight will be better.  I was so tired last night that I only vaguely remember getting up with Christian and getting a few things for him and then going back to sleep.  You can’t help it when your body is craving it SO badly!  I woke to a thunderstorm later on and found him sleeping next to me on the floor. 🙂

Olivia’s dentist appointment went great the other day.  She had some discoloration on her teeth that our family doctor was concerned was decay.  He was able to scrape it right off and said that it is only collecting there because she has a ridge on her front teeth.  He said that all of her teeth look fine, but to come back every six months to get them cleaned off because of the ridge.  Great!  Even though he is not taking new patients, he agreed to take on Christian, too.  We will see how Christian does when he goes in later in July.  Perhaps, the dentist will see him in his personal office as well.  (No big lights or weird equipment there!)

Brian talked to our builder and I guess the blueprints are done.  Brian will pick them up tomorrow.  That’s exciting!  One more step closer to having our own place.  I’m not going to complain about our apartment, because it is very nice, but it will be nice when we don’t have neighbors right through our kitchen, floor, and bedroom walls! 🙂