My kids are so funny!  They both like to eat frozen treats from the bottom side up.  Christian usually eats his frozen juice pops this way, usually resulting in the tip falling on the floor and big upset.  Well, Olivia ran an errand with me this evening.  It was a nice night, and because we usually don’t go too many places without Christian, I thought I’d get a kiddie ice cream cone for her.  (We don’t get these around Christian because of his special diet and his continual love for ice cream.  At home he has soy ice cream.)  Anyway, she started licking the ice cream on top and then all of the sudden she was munching the bottom of the cone!  Everytime I stopped helping her, she would eat the bottom again!  Silly girl!  What a mess!  But it was fun to do something with her that we normally don’t get to do.  Tomorrow she is going to the denist for the first time.  She’s excited now.  We will have to see if she is as excited tomorrow. 🙂

Olivia and I did some planting in pots out on our porch today.  It will be nice to have some flowers and peppers growing out there – make the apartment feel a little more like home, especially since we will probably be here through the summer.  Brian put up some mesh yesterday, so the kids can’t squeeze through the railing so easily anymore.  (They used to try to do this almost every time we let them out there.)  Anyway, it’s just nice to be able to spend a little more time outdoors with them, too. 🙂