We were able to meet with our respite workers today.  I think that they will be a good fit for Christian and a welcome relief for me.  (Especially if we are still going through these strange sleep patterns!)  They will allow me to run an errand, take a walk, or even take a nap while a well-trained person is able to play(therapy) with Christian (and on occasion they may be willing to watch Olivia for short bursts, too).  They will each be coming once a week for 2 hours.  Then he has OT for 1 hour/week.  And an aquatics playgroup once/week that I get to attend with him.  We also have another lady who needs to do volunteer therapy during the summer, so I think she will be coming for 2 hours/week to work on sensory issues (although I need to work out the specifics with her yet).  Yay!  This will all be so helpful as we take our turn on the two-year waiting list for the state’s intensive home therapy program!  I am just happy to get some additional support for Christian.  Sometimes he seems to be more receptive of new ideas when they are coming from someone other than me. 🙂